Cops Make Terminally Ill Teen Police Chief for a Day

It was Ayodeji “Augustine” Adekilekun's dream to be a junior police officer.

Police in Texas made a terminally ill boy's dream come true when he was appointed their chief for a day. 

Officer Rashid Brown met 14-year-old Ayodeji “Augustine” Adekilekun at his middle school in Dallas and recently learned he was suffering from a brain tumor. Doctors have since told his family that he doesn’t have much longer to live.

Brown wanted to do his best to ensure that Augustine and his family felt love and support, so the Dallas Police Department decided to make the teen “chief for day” while he is in hospice care.

When officers learned that Augustine had dreamed of one day being a junior police officer, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall showed up to go above and beyond his wish.

“What I know is that I saw his eyes just continuously flicker. And he tried to speak. He continued to open his eyes and look up,” Hall said after the Jan. 5 meeting.

During the emotional visit, Hall presented Augustine with a medal and certificate. She also prayed for the teen, accompanied by other officers, and held his hand. 

“This is the reason we became police,” Hall said. “It truly touched each and every one of us. His mom was so appreciative of us being [there].”

The teen’s mom, Gloria, said she is trusting God, whatever the outcome for her son may be.

“Before, I was scared. But, now, I'm not scared,” she said.