Cops Search for Man Seen Slipping From Handcuffs and Fleeing Police Station

Authorities in Ohio allege James Hlavsa escaped and is on the run.

A man was allegedly somehow able to slip from his cuffs while inside an Ohio police station before cops say he fled, and it's all on surveillance video.

Police in Brooklyn, Ohio, say James Hlavsa is the man seen in surveillance footage, first as he speaks to a woman who was also under arrest and chained to a bench.

But as the man on the tape talks, he also appears to be wriggling about and soon it appears clear that he was getting out of his restraints.

In footage from a second camera, the suspect, now free, can be seen fleeing the building. 

Cops say Hlavsa currently has a warrant for escape as well as several others from other departments. Prior to the escape, cops say he was arrested on a shoplifting charge.

As of Thursday afternoon, police confirmed to that Hlavsa remains on the loose.