Could Jack Have Been Saved in 'Titanic?' Answering the Question that Has Dogged the Film for 20 Years

Fans of the classic film have been griping about the death of Leonardo DiCaprio's character for two decades.

It has been 20 years since Titanic hit theaters and became an international blockbuster hit, but after all this time, many fans are still asking — did Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, really have to die?

Adam Savage of TV’s MythBusters actually tested the waters — literally — and he found that Jack could have survived by getting onto the floating door with Rose, played by Kate Winslet. 

"There certainly was room, physical room for him on that door," he told Inside Edition. "If they had used Rose’s life preserver and stuck it under the door, they could have survived on top of that door." 

Actress Francis Fisher played Rose’s stern mother in the film. 

“It was No. 1 at the box office for 16 weeks in a row,” she said, claiming that such a feat “will never ever happen again — ever.” 

She told Inside Edition she was blown away by the costumes and crew's attention to detail on the set, and says she has often heard fan gripes about Jack's death.

"He could have been on the door, but maybe it would have been too heavy they could have capsized," Fisher said.

At one point, she even asked director James Cameron if Jack could have been saved, and he maintained that the character had to go down with the ship. 

"At one point I asked Jim that and he goes, ‘Well, we wouldn’t have a movie then if they had both gone onto the door,'" Fisher said. 

Another aspect of the film’s ending is also widely debated: Does the elderly Rose die at the end?

Fisher says yes.

"I see that image of her walking up and taking his hand and turn around and you see all the other people who perished and you know she is in heaven," she said. 

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