Could a Service Dog Have Saved Cameron Boyce's Life?

Cameron Boyce's family revealed he suffered from epilepsy, which caused his fatal seizure.

After the sudden death of Disney star Cameron Boyce, some are wondering if he could have been saved.

On Tuesday, Boyce's parents revealed he suffered a fatal seizure due to epilepsy, a condition he was being treated for.

Boyce, who starred in Disney’s “Descendants” movie, could possibly have benefited from a service dog, or devices on the market for those who suffer from seizures.

Dogs can be trained to assist in different ways. While some warn their owners by laying on them to flag an oncoming seizure, other dogs are trained to help if their owner is already having one.

There are also other devices to help those who suffer from seizures stay safe.

A smart watch can sense repetitive shaking and alerts a loved one, who has been pre-designated, that the owner of the watch may be having a seizure. GPS location can also be activated on the watch. 

Boyce’s father, Victor Boyce, called his son’s death “a nightmare I can’t wake up from” as he thanked people for their love and support on his Twitter page.

“I’m overwhelmed with the love and support our family has received,” Victor wrote. " ... I can’t thank you guys enough.”