Ohio Teen Gets Fewer Seizures After Make-A-Wish Grants Paris Trip

One trip has single-handedly changed her life, Cimone Stills told InsideEdition.com.

Did one trip single-handedly change this teen's life?

Cimone Stills, 15, credits her recent voyage to Paris with the reason her seizures no longer govern her.

“She had a hard time staying in school. She had a hard time learning. She had a hard time just doing anything,” Dr. Anup Patel, section chief of neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, told InsideEdition.com

Cimone had been diagnosed with treatment-resilient epilepsy, making even the simplest tasks for her difficult. She started to think she’d never get better until her longtime dream of going to Paris came true through the Make-A-Wish program.

Cimone said she literally felt the difference. Her mother, Tonisha, did too.

“Cimone did not have one seizure during the entire trip," Tonisha said. "She was a whole different kid, and I finally had my amazing daughter back.”

Since her return, Cimone has been able to stop some of her treatments and nowadays she's doing much better, according to her mom.