Could This Man Be America's Most Prolific Serial Killer?

Samuel Little, 79, is a talented artist, and a self-confessed killer.

Is this man America's most prolific serial killer?

Samuel Little, 79, is a talented artist, and a self-confessed killer. No one knows quite how many people Little has killed, but he claims he's murdered 93 women in all. 

Earlier this year, the FBI released portraits of women he says he's slaughtered, hoping for help identifying them. 

Little is currently in prison after being convicted of the killings of three women in California.

In an interview airing this Sunday on "60 Minutes," Texas Ranger James Holland speaks about his interactions with Little. Holland says Little has photographic memory, enabling him to recall his alleged victims in extraordinary detail. 

FBI crime analyst Christie Palazzolo previously told Inside Edition that when Little first confessed to all the murders, she had her doubts. 

But then he started sketching the victims, down to the color of their lipstick and hairstyle, and she realized he might be telling the truth. 

"He described everything to a T — the scenes itself, the victim, what she was wearing, what he did," she said.

"The whole point of putting these drawings out isn't to showcase Sam Little, the artistically gifted serial killer, it's to generate those leads and bring more justice to these victims," said Palazzolo.

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Here's how you can help identify his alleged victims.