Countdown to the Royal Wedding: What's Cooking Inside the Windsor Castle Kitchen?

From chocolate truffles to fresh produce, guests are in for some fine dining.

As more details emerge about the upcoming royal wedding, everyone wants to know about the food. 

Guests at the May 19 royal wedding reception, which is being held at Windsor Castle, will have the freshest produce available, according to Mark Flanagan, the head chef of the royal household.

"Luckily the seasons have just fallen perfectly and that's become the main focus in the decision-making of the menus," Flanagan said. "The couple [has] been very involved in every detail of it."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended several tastings ahead of the big day, sampling dishes all made from scratch in the Windsor Castle kitchen.

The kitchen has needed extra staff for the estimated 600 guests scheduled to attend the affair.

“All the staff are delighted to be involved on the day," Flanagan said. "We've even had old staff contacting us if we need some extra support."

The produce used in the dishes will be delivered from farms across counties like Kent. The asparagus being prepared for the lunchtime reception at The Royal Windsor Horse Show came from Portwood Farm in Attleborough.  

Flanagan said the produce has also been taken from Her Majesty's Estate at Windsor.

Pastry Chef Selwyn Stoby will prepare chocolate truffles, a favorite dessert served at receptions throughout the year at Windsor Castle.

The team will also make bite-sized Crème brûlée, biscuits with mango panna cotta topping and yellow macaroons; a bright selection, fit for the spring, to serve to guests in St. George's Hall, one of the largest reception rooms of the castle. 

"It's a kind of science," Chef Stoby says of baking, "You have to know a bit about chemistry but it's also very creative, with a lot of attention to detail."

Though the royal chefs are used to the pressure of delivering such delicately crafted food to many guests at once — with just under a week until the wedding, anticipation for the big day is building in the royal kitchens.