Country Singer Kip Moore Makes 15-Year-Old's Wish Come True

The magical event took place at a recent concert.

Country singer Kip Moore made a 15-year-old girl's dream come true when he treated her to an all-star weekend in Las Vegas. 

Sydney, who is confined to a wheelchair, got the opportunity to hang out with country stars at the Academy of Country Music Awards from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She then got the chance to meet Moore backstage before his show on Friday.

"The beauty of my job is the things that I get to do on a direct impact level that had it not been for music, I would not be able to do that," Moore said. "I do a lot of things under the table that nobody gets to hear about."

Moore said his job, more than music, is to care about humanity.

The county star, whose sister is paralyzed, said the experience was meaningful for him as well.

"Those are the best moments for me," Moore said. "I feel like that's everybody job is to take care of each other. And so I try to do that in my daily life, is just take care of your fellow man, you know?"

On Sunday, Moore escorted Sydney, who was wearing a gold dress, down the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards and posed for pictures.

"I am just going to hang out with her," Moore said. "I am just going to be real with her. And just tell her how much I look up to her."