Couple Accused of Killing Girl They Met Through Tinder Believe in 'Witchcraft,' Witness Testifies

Aubrey Trail And Bailey Boswell
Aubrey Trail And Bailey Boswell

Bailey Boswell’s boyfriend, Aubrey Trail, was convicted first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains in connection with the November 2017 death of Sydney Loofe, 24. 

Before Bailey Boswell and her boyfriend met a woman on Tinder who they would later stand trial for allegedly killing, the couple had fantasized about witchcraft and casually discussed murder and torture, according to a witness who testified during Boswell's trial for the 2017 murder of Nebraska woman Sydney Loofe. 

Boswell’s boyfriend, Aubrey Trail, was convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains in connection to the November 2017 death of Loofe. Boswell first met Loofe, 24, on Tinder had exchanged numerous messages with her on the dating app before they met in person on Nov. 14, authorities said. They then arranged another date for the next night. It was then that Loofe disappeared, officials said.

Boswell, now 26, and Trail, now 54, were allegedly captured on surveillance video the morning before Boswell’s last date with Loofe buying tools that investigators believe they used to cut up Loofe’s body, according to court documents. Loofe’s body parts were found wrapped in several plastic bags on a gravel road in central Nebraska on Dec. 4, 2017.

Trail later claimed that Loofe died while she had “rough sex” with him and Boswell. He also claimed Boswell had nothing to do with Loofe’s death.

Now, as Boswell’s trial is underway, another woman, Ashley Hills, who said she had also met Boswell on Tinder, testified this week that Trail had claimed to be a “vampire” and called Boswell his “queen,” the Lincoln Journal Star reported. Hills, who said she met the couple over the summer of 2017, claimed that the pair casually discussed murder and torture in connection with “witchcraft.”

Hills testified that when she initially met Boswell, Boswell told her she knew a man who would be her "sugar daddy," but she had to meet him first. Hills said that Trail picked her up and showed her pictures of women, some of whom were naked, and told her that they were his witches and that he was a vampire, the paper reported.

Hills claims Trail told her that she could be his 13th witch, but only if she killed someone. As part of the rules of their agreement, Hill testified she had to contact Boswell every three hours and said that she couldn’t talk to other men. She said she believed him at the time that in order to become a witch, one would have to kill someone. Trail told her that she would have “to breathe in someone’s last breath,” she said in court. Hills added that she no longer subscribes to those beliefs.

"I think my mind got caught up in the what-ifs of life," Hills reportedly said.

Boswell’s attorney, Todd Lancaster, reportedly called all the talk about witchcraft “hearsay,” but Hills added that Boswell would get “joyful” when talking about torturing others, according to the paper.

Hills said she eventually realized she could not go through with killing someone and had a panic attack.

Asked by Lancaster what she thinks of Trail now, Hills said she thinks he’s a “con artist” and a “psychopath.”

Boswell has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and improper disposal of a body.