Couple Arrested in Connection With Killing, Dismemberment of Queens Woman Slain for Life Insurance: Prosecutor

Victim Brandy Odom murdered remains were found in a Canarsie Park.

A couple has been arrested in connection to the cold case killing and dismemberment of a Queens woman believed to have been killed for her life insurance policy, according to federal prosecutors. Brandy Odom's mutilated body was discovered in a Canarsie park back in 2018. Her head and naked torso were found facedown among the leaves and twigs. Her arms and legs were later discovered several blocks away, according to ABC7 News

Sources also said a bloody saw was recovered from a trashcan near the crime scene.

The case had been one of the NYPD’s unsolved cases, until authorities announced the break on Wednesday.

Cory Martin, 33, and Adelle Anderson, 32, who reportedly worked as the 28-year-old victim's pimp and madame, were charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in connection to the death. They were arrested in Trenton, New Jersey.

Martin is believed to have killed Odom, while Anderson took out the insurance policy in Odom's name.

Federal authorities say the couple took out a life insurance policy on Odom's life and then conspired to kill her.

“These charges arise out of a scheme to fraudulently obtain several life insurance policies in the name of Brandy Odom, a 26-year-old woman, murder her, and then claim benefits under the life insurance policies," according to a statement by prosecutors.

Anderson allegedly admitted in an interview with investigators last week that Martin strangled Odom and cut her body up with a saw, prosecutors say, reported the New York Post.

“The murder of Brandy Odom and the subsequent dismemberment and disposal of her body reflects Martin’s utter disregard for human life,” Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar alleged in the court papers reported the newspaper. “The crime was premeditated, gruesome, and motivated by greed.”

Prosecutors said they are also investigating possible murder-for-hire charges, said the news outlet. 

Martin will remain in jail without bail. After appearing in court by video, Anderson was expected to be released Wednesday on a $200,000 bond backed by three other people. Anderson must wear a GPS monitor, abide by a curfew, submit to a drug test and stay within New York and New Jersey, the Post reported. 

Their attorneys did not return a request for comment.

Brandy’s mother, Nicole Odom, described her middle child as a “friendly” person that “everybody loved.”

"I can just imagine what kind of pain she probably could have been going through with such a vicious act," Odom told ABC7

Nicole Odom told the news station that her daughter had been living with a roommate in Queens and didn’t have any problems. 

She said she had last seen Brandy about a month prior to her murder when she learned that she had been granted an interview to become a school safety officer.

"I can't even see how one person would want to do this to her,” said the grieving mother, reported ABC7. 

“I just want to people out there to know that this was somebody's child and she did have people that loved and cared for her.” 


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