Couple Collectively Sheds More than 400 Pounds After Making New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight

Lexi and Danny Reed said they wanted to change their lifestyles so they could become parents in the future.

Some New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being short-lived, but this Indiana couple managed to stick to a goal they made in January 2016 by shedding 400 pounds between the two of them.

Lexi Reed, 27, of Terre Haute, went from 485 pounds to 179 pounds.

Her husband Danny Reed, 29, was 280 pounds and now weighs 191.

“Life is good, we’re enjoying the journey,” Lexi told “We took this summer and we spent it doing all the things we weren’t able to do. We went canoeing, we rode our bikes, we went hiking, we traveled on an airplane — something that wasn’t possible for us before.”

Lexi and Danny met when they were teenagers. At the time, Lexi weighed more than 300 pounds, and Danny weighed about 190 pounds. As the pair became more comfortable in their relationship, they both steadily put on more weight.

Even though they had toyed with the idea of losing weight over the years, Lexi said they decided to commit to dropping pounds two years ago when they began talking about having children in the future.

“We were fed up with the life we were living and all the things we weren’t able to do as a couple,” Lexi explained. “We also wanted to be parents, and we knew that when I weighed 485 pounds, that wasn’t going to be something that was possible due to my health.”

She then started an Instagram page @FatGirlFedUp to chronicle their journey and inspire others, but found writing down her experiences and having a fan base to keep her accountable helped her on her stay motivated.

“For me, it was about changing my relationship with foods and how to take the foods I love and make healthy versions so I didn’t feel deprived,” said Lexi, who explained she had never learned to cook before starting her weight-loss journey.

Lexi, who has lost more than 300 pounds since they started, said she has never seen herself at this weight and is proud of how far she’s come.

Danny said while he is still looking to lose a little more weight, his new goal focuses on putting on muscle.

“It’s crazy, it’s brought us so much closer together and it’s awesome,” he said.