Couple Does Wedding Shoot at Costco - Where They First Met

It was a wedding photo shoot to remember.
Lisa Rose Photography

Jessica and Brandon Brown met at the chain store in Hawaii in 2017.

A couple’s love came full circle when they posed for their wedding photo shoot at Costco.

Jessica and Brandon Brown met at the chain store in Hawaii in 2017. Little did Jessica know, as she was debating with her friend whether or not she should buy mac and cheese, her future husband was listening.

Brandon approached her and said, “It’s good for you. It’s cheese – and it’s Costco.”

They exchanged numbers and three months later, they went on their first date.

On the night he proposed, Brandon and Jessica stopped at Costco with the intention of getting pizza, but ended up in the mac and cheese aisle again. 

So when it was time to celebrate their nuptials, which happened in May, the couple wanted to do a wedding photo shoot in the place where it all began. 

"I've literally spent the last two years responding to any compliment about Brandon with 'Thanks, I got him at Costco,'” Jessica told Insider.

Donning a wedding dress and a tuxedo, the pair took their photos throughout the aisles of the store. 

“We didn’t really think we were going to do it, and we did,” Jessica told Costco. “By the time we got to the aisle, there were different employees walking by congratulating us. Customers were shopping and laughing, taking pictures. Everyone was super-nice.”

Photographer Lisa Rankin, who did the shoot, said workers at the store even helped out. 

“[They] stopped traffic for us for a few seconds so we could safely capture the running shots in front of the store,” she said. “The whole thing just brought so many smiles.”

And of course they couldn’t miss out on a photo with boxes of mac and cheese.

Costco recently re-posted Rankin’s photos, and they went viral. 

“Now, the couple spends their 'Sunday Funday' grocery shopping at Costco, and going home to meal prep for their weeks," Costco wrote in its post. "Mac and cheese may or may not be included."