Couple Wants to Know Who Filmed Their Magical Hawaiian Proposal

Newly engaged couple Rainer and Gina want to invite the person who shot their proposal and Airdropped it to them to their wedding. But they don't know who did it!

A stunning marriage proposal was captured on camera in the majestic Hawaiian mountains, but now the engaged couple is searching for the mystery person who caught it all on their cellphone.

The couple says they “really want” to find the person who Airdropped them the video of the memorable moment. 

Rainer, 25, popped the question to his 24-year-old girlfriend Gina during the hike when they reached the top of the cliff. 

“I just hoped she wouldn't fall,” he told Inside Edition of the proposal on the cliff. 

The couple never realized their magical once-in-a-lifetime moment was being captured from another site quite a ways away.

"It’s unbelievable that they were there at the perfect moment,” Gina told Inside Edition. 

The video was Airdropped to the couple and Rainer's sister, Marnie, made an appeal to find the person who recorded it because they want to invite the person to the wedding.
"We really want to find them and invite them to the wedding, that's the goal here because they were so excited,” Rainer said. “They were part of that moment why not have them part of the next moment, which is the wedding.” 

The person who captured the moment turned the camera to herself and mouthed the words “Oh my God,” then she and friend walk away. 

"The seats are reserved for the two strangers who took the video,” Rainer said. “We'll make sure they're part of the wedding and the reception."