Man Travels 5,500 Miles From Florida to Greece in Epic Globetrotting Proposal

He wanted to surprise his girlfriend, who was studying abroad in Athens.

This epic proposal was 5,500 miles in the making.

A devoted boyfriend made the transcontinental journey from Orlando, Florida, to Athens, Greece, all in a bid to ask his girlfriend to be his wife.

"It was so intricate that I felt it could have all gotten messed up,” 31-year-old Eric Camarillo told T&T Media.

Thankfully, it all worked out, down to 27-year-old Admelyz Bueno saying, “Yes.”

The couple from Florida met each other in 2016, when Bueno began volunteering for Camarillo’s religion-based nonprofit, SALT Outreach.

Bueno recently began taking a multicultural class at Palm Beach Atlantic University and opted for a short study abroad program in Greece.

She returned to her dorm from a day trip when the series of mind-boggling events began.

“Hey Admelyz, you're probably very confused,” Camarillo said, in a self-recorded video. “Now you're probably wondering why someone gave you an iPad and why you're seeing me on this video.”

The video continued to show Camarillo’s journey from Orlando to Athens, and at the end, Camarillo tells her, “I can't wait to see you so come to the roof.”

The proposal concluded on her dorm's roof with Bueno jumping into Camarillo’s arms, and Camarillo popping the question.

"I was nervous – I wanted everything to unfold the right way,” he later said.

To organize the whole surprise, Camarillo said he got in contact with her professors and spent a lot of time preparing.

But in the end, it was all worth it.

"When I saw her all the tension that had built up just kind of disappeared, it was just replaced with this overwhelming sense of happiness and relief,” he explained. “When I saw her so emotional and happy, and her classmates emotional and happy, it just made me get emotional too."