How Woman Finally Tracked Down Mystery Couple in Proposal Photo After 8 Years

Each year, she'd post on the anniversary of the proposal, hoping to find them. This year, she did!

An 8-year-old photographic mystery has finally been solved. 

In 2010, photographer Joy Groover was working when she saw a guy getting down on one knee to propose in Palm Beach, Florida, so she decided to snap some photos.

"I was gonna keep an eye out and run over and give them my business card as soon as I saw them get up to leave," Groover told Inside Edition. "I didn't want to interrupt them because they were having a really tearful, sweet, sentimental moment and just like in a flash they were gone."

After that fateful day, Groover would post on social media each year on the anniversary of the engagement in an attempt to track them down. "I really didn't think was going to be as hard to find them as it was. I thought social media could find anybody,” Groover said. 

This year, her efforts finally paid off. 

Thanks to a local news story that was shared across the country, Groover received an email from a couple claiming to be the pair in the photos.

"We went back and forth a couple times and I asked them to authenticate, and they sent me a photo from the night of their engagement from 2010,” she said. "I felt relief for sure. It was very surreal to think that after eight years I found them."

David and Ashley Barnosky said they were stunned to hear about the photos.

"I was absolutely shocked,” Ashley told Inside Edition. “I got a Facebook message from a childhood friend that said, ‘Were you engaged in Florida about 10 years ago?’ I said, ‘What is this?’ and then I’m like, 'This is specific,' so I said, ‘OK, I’ll take the bait,’ and I opened it and I said, ‘Yes we were. Why?’ And she immediately sent me the link."
They were on vacation when David popped the question in 2010. Today, they're happily married living in Cypress, Texas, with their two young daughters. 

"We have a photo album of our wedding and now we get to have a photo album of our proposal," Ashley said.