Illinois Couple Receives Free Engagement Ring From Man Who Was Dumped by Girlfriend

He advertised the ring on social media, and received more than 1,500 responses.

After a Virginia man was dumped before he was to propose to his girlfriend, a lucky couple has been chosen to receive the ring he decided to give away.

Steven Crocker wanted to do something special with the $1,700 diamond after his girlfriend of more than two years broke up with him last year.

Crocker posted to Facebook, asking people to explain tell him why they might deserve the ring.

Sean Sullivan, of Illinois, was one of more than 1,500 people who responded to the post.

“My mom first told me about it," Sullivan said. "I looked it up because I was skeptical at first. I sent in a video that was 17 minutes long and told him our whole story of how we met. “

Sullivan said he’d been planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Natalie, and had been saving money for a ring, but his plans were derailed after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and couldn't work.

He told Natalie what had happened but didn’t let her know he had applied to get Crocker’s ring.

When he found out he was chosen, he was shocked.

“It was crazy, so overwhelming," he said. "[I] couldn’t believe it because I didn’t expect it at all." 

He proposed with the ring a month later, and Natalie said yes. 

"She was totally surprised," Sullivan said. "For someone to do this, it just shows there are still good people left in this world. He had no reason to do this for anybody and it’s amazing he did this."