'Will You?' Placeholder Engagement Ring Allows You to Propose Now, Shop Later

This is a ring, not THE ring.
This ring is really a placeholder. Helzberg Diamonds

Opinions are divided on an engagement ring that is really a pre-engagement ring.

When is an engagement ring not an engagement ring? When it's a "Will You?" band that's a placeholder for the real thing.

A Missouri-based jewelry chain has introduced a proposal tool that comes in a tiny box. Inside is a silver band inscribed with "This is a ring, not the ring." 

It's intended to alleviate the stress of picking out an engagement ring with no input from the would-be bride (or groom).

"We came up with a great, fun solution for couples who want to get engaged, but want to pick out the ring together," Helzberg Diamonds CEO and chairwoman Beryl Raff told InsideEdition.com Thursday.

"We've been able to calm their nerves," she said.

The temporary ring costs $50, and comes with a discount code for purchases of "real" engagement rings.

A study commissioned by the company found that 73 percent of men and 63 percent of women in relationships believe proposals should be a surprise. 

But 41 percent said of couples said the ring should be chosen together, which pretty much eliminates the element of surprise.

Hence, the 'Will You?' placeholder. 

"A lot of couples want to sit down ... and design a ring together," Raff said.