North Carolina Army Reservist Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal as He Returns From Deployment

She said yes!

A U.S. Army serviceman from North Carolina surprised his girlfriend with a proposal following his deployment.

Maddison Olinger, 21, didn’t know her now-fiancé, Camryn Henley, 22, was back from his deployment in Syria when he showed up at a baseball game she was attending with his mom and dropped down on one knee.

"I hear them say on the intercom thing, please welcome home [Camryn Henley] from a 10-month deployment, and my heart like dropped and I turned around and he was over there," Olinger told 

Olinger knew her boyfriend was returning home from deployment, but wasn’t sure exactly when. 

Last Thursday, Henley’s mom invited Olinger to a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game and the team asked Olinger to be an honorary manager, a pre-game ritual in which a spectator is chosen for the role before each game.

Henley had been planning his proposal for two weeks, and when Olinger came onto the field, he put his plan into action. 

“I had no idea that he was already home at that point,” Olinger said. “And so I was in shock. I was in shock just to see him because I hadn’t seen him in 10 months. And then he proposed too, so that was a double whammy there.”

The couple plans to wed in December 2020.