Orchard Marriage Proposal Goes Off the Rails When Woman Chucks an Apple at Boyfriend

Playing Woman Thinks Boyfriend’s Apple Orchard Proposal is a Joke: ‘Are You Lying?

An Ohio man who recently got on bended knee in the middle of an apple orchard to propose to his girlfriend had it thrown in his face — literally — when she initially thought it was a joke

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After Randy Wente asked Miranda McCallion to be his wife, she accused him of lying and threw a half-eaten apple at his head. 

After a few long seconds, she realized he wasn't joking around, tackling her new fiancé to the ground in excitement. 

“I was just in shock,” McCallion told Inside Edition. 

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McCallion and Wente spoke to Inside Edition about the proposal in Chesterland, Ohio. 

"I don't think I realized I got hit with the apple until after," he said. "I was just so nervous and my adrenaline was going, I thought it was sweat, I didn't think it was an apple." 

The couple has two children and plan to marry next year.