YouTube Stars Shamed by Internet Trolls Over Size of Engagement Ring

Among messages of congratulations were comments that mocked the ring presented to Jen Phanomrat by her fiance, Leo Samanamud.

A beaming bride-to-be has been subjected to a cruel shaming on social media over the size of her engagement ring.

"It just seems he went into the store like "show me the smallest ring ever made," read one snarky comment.

"Awww cute. Where's the ring?" said comment. 

The lovebirds, Jen Phanomrat and her, fiancé Leo Samanamud, are hosts on a popular YouTube channel food vlog called "Just Eat Life."

After nine years of dating, he popped the question, and she proudly posted a photo on Instagram showing off the slim hammered gold ring with a tiny pearl.

Congratulations poured in from their fans but so did mockery of the ring's modest size and the fit. 

“Nine years coulda asked your ring size. And maybe spent more than $100.00 on it," said one internet troll. 

Other comments transcended the haters, like those that called the ring "beautiful." 

"Jealous losers always hate when they see someone who's happy. Congratulations," read one compliment. 

Phanomrat says she was saddened most that so many negative comments came from women, but she says she was heartened by comments of support.

The couple has not yet announced a wedding date