Need an Engagement Ring? Man Giving His Away to Mend Broken Heart

He is giving the ring to one lucky couple, free of charge.

A spurned Virginia man is giving an engagement ring to a deserving person — free of charge — to help him mend a broken heart. 

"It’s not about the money for me," 23-year-old Steven Crocker told Inside Edition. "It's about love."

It took the Virginia Beach native almost a year to save up for the $1,700 diamond ring, which features a half-karat diamond and 14-karat white gold. 

But about a month before he was to propose, his girlfriend of nearly two years dumped him. He says no amount of money would make him feel better, so he's decided to donate the sparkler to a couple in love who can't afford a ring of their own.

"It’s not the fanciest ring in the world but it can potentially make someone very happy for the rest of their life," he wrote on his Facebook page. 

His post quickly went viral and he has received more than 1,600 submissions from across the country.

"I’m looking for somebody who I can just tell their significant other just means the absolute world to them," he said. "I can give it to someone who is deserving of it and would appreciate it and that might make me feel a little bit better."

Crocker says he has spoken to his ex about the ring, and she has given him her blessing to give the ring away. 

"I’ve talked to her a little and she said she's glad I’m giving it to a good cause," he said. 

For those who are in the market for a ring or know someone who is, Crocker is offering the chance to contact him and make a pitch. 

"Anyone who fits the above description of who I'm looking to give the ring to can email a video telling me why you deserve it ( Show me pictures of you and your significant other, tell me how you fell in love, tell me their favorite color; whatever you think will convince me of sending this ring to you. I’ll sit down with some friends one day and we’ll pick a lucky person," he wrote in a message to Inside Edition.