Man Finds Lost Engagement Ring in Bizarre Twist of Fate

Nico Bellamy
Nico Bellamy

It was an astonishing turn of events that occurred within the span of only two hours.

Talk about fate. 

A California man who was all set to propose to his girlfriend found out the engagement ring he was preparing to give her was missing after they moved into a new home a week prior.

Miraculously, it was returned to Nico Bellamy by a complete stranger just two hours later in an interesting series of events.

The ring, which was his now-fiancé’s grandmother’s ring, was given to him by her dad three years prior.

“I put [the ring] in a safety deposit box in Los Angeles,” Bellamy said. “We bought a house across town. I had the idea that I was going to be proposing so I wanted to have [the ring] with me.”

Bellamy said he put the ring in his backpack and when they got to the new house across town, he put it in one of the rooms and forgot about it for a week.

They had hired movers to help him and his then-girlfriend, Caitie Schlisserman, get into their new home, and about a week later, Bellamy's stomach dropped when he realized the prized item was missing.

“My fiancee’s dad was coming into town to help us get settled in," Bellamy said. "When I went to look for the ring, my backpack was unzipped.

“I poured everything out and it wasn’t there. I immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up. Katie knew something was up but I couldn’t tell her.”

Bellamy said he was terrified about how Schlisserman’s dad would react to the news, as his mom, whose ring it was, had died just nine months earlier. He pulled him to the side once they arrived at the airport. Bellamy said he was nice about it.

But, on the way home from the airport, something amazing happened. Because there was traffic, Bellamy took a road he’d never taken before, and Schlisserman’s dad spotted a sign that read: “Engagement ring found.”

He pointed the sign out to his future son-in-law. Bellamy rushed out once they got home, saying he needed to “walk the dog” in spite of the 100-degree heat outside. He went back to the street and texted the number and it was in fact his lost ring that a couple in the neighborhood had found.

Within an hour, they returned the ring to Bellamy, after telling him multiple people had called claiming the ring was theirs, but no one had been able to describe it.

“I proposed on New Year’s Eve,” Bellamy said. “That night, I told Caitie, ‘I have to tell you this story because I wanted to invite this couple that you don’t know.'"

Once he relayed the remarkable turn of events, Schlisserman said she believes the happy ending was the work of her grandmother helping the family out.