Why Dave Chappelle Crashed Ohio Couple's Engagement Photo Shoot

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Tommy Saunders and Emily Eldridge were taking engagement photos near Dayton, Ohio, when their photographer suggested they take some at a local bar.

They happened to walk into the Yellow Springs Brewery, when Dave Chappelle caught their eye.

“We walked outside, we were out there, trying to set up our shoot and he walked out and was just around us so we up and asked him. Initially he declined," Tommy Saunders told InsideEdition.com.

After talking to the trio for a bit, Chappelle found out that Saunders had a parent who was in the Army. He also learned that Saunders is an active member of the Air Force.

After hearing that, Chappelle changed his mind. "He just hopped in and said ‘hey, I'm gonna photobomb you guys.’ And he did," Saunders said.

The sudden move made it hard for their photographer, Jaycee Brammer to focus.

"So he jumps behind and you could tell he just thought it was so funny. He kinda laughed and stepped back like nothing ever happened. And in my head I'm like, I'm just like, stunned. I couldn't even think!" Brammer recalled.

The prank also commemorates another special event, “In fact, the photobomb came 4 years to the day we met," Emily Eldridge shared.

The couple doesn't think the legendary comedian stole their thunder. In fact, he's also welcome at their wedding next October.

"We definitely sent him an invite, but we don't want him to feel pressured in any way to go. We feel like we have to at this point. It's too perfect, " Saunders said.


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