Couple Watches in Horror as Woman Gives Man a Pedicure on a Plane

Jake and Lynee Ruiz said they couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

A woman aboard a flight from Denver to Milwaukee was spotted giving a pedicure to the sleeping man with whom she was traveling, according to other passengers who were horrified to witness the odd behavior.

The woman could be seen holding her traveling companion’s right foot and filing his toenails as he napped, video captured by Lynee Ruiz and posted on the Passenger Shaming Instagram account showed. 

“Oh my God,” Lynee says to the camera before panning over to her husband, Jake, and then to the budding pedicurist. The woman appeared to not notice she was being filmed, even after Lynee burst out laughing. 

“Jake kept going, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, you will not believe it! Look at them! Look at them!’” Lynee told Inside Edition. 

The Ruizes weren’t the only ones transfixed by the impromptu pedicure, they said. 

“Everyone was kind of looking around and felt uncomfortable,” Jake said.

But the Ruizes said the pedicure wasn't the only bizarre behavior displayed by the couple.  

“They brought some burritos on board that stunk up the plane,” Jake said. 

“She was feeding him his burrito, airplane-style, so she was like, brrrr,” Lynee added, making the noise typically reserved for trying to get babies to eat. 

And at another point, the woman apparently dropped to all fours in search of her sock, they said.

“She was just crawling around,” Lynee said. 

Though the Ruizes were at first put off by their fellow travelers’ antics, they eventually saw the humor in it all.

“At first we were frustrated,” Jake said. “We were like, man, this is gonna be a long flight and then we just made light of it and started enjoying the show.”