Woman Booted From Plane Over Emotional Support Squirrel Rips 'Obnoxious' Fliers Who Cheered Her Removal

Cindy Torok got emotional as she described taking a later flight without her squirrel, named Daisy.

The passenger kicked off a plane because her emotional support squirrel is none too pleased with the airline and the fellow passengers who cheered as she was escorted off the plane by police.

Cindy Torok and her emotional-support squirrel, named Daisy, boarded the Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Cleveland earlier this week. 

Cindy had a letter from a psychiatric nurse practitioner, stating she has "anxiety disorder."

"Please allow Cindy Torok to be accompanied by her emotional support animal in the cabin of the aircraft," the letter read. 

But the missive did not specify the animal was a squirrel.

When airline officials realized Daisy was a bushy-tailed rodent, they informed Torok of their policy against such animals on their flights. 

All the passengers were ordered off the plane while the drama was sorted out. They applauded when Torok was finally taken away in a wheelchair by police.
“They were obnoxious,” she told Inside Edition of the passengers who cheered. 

Torok took a later flight to visit relatives in Cleveland, leaving Daisy behind with her daughter in Orlando.

“It was emotional," she told Inside Edition as she fought back tears. "We took off and I didn’t have her with me."

Under federal Department of Transportation regulations, airlines are not required to allow rodents like squirrels on board.