The Pied Piper of Raccoons: Critters Flock to Musician Playing a Tune in New York


The song is called — what else? — "Raccoon Dance"

A man in upstate New York is the "Pied Piper" — of raccoons

Eddy Lawrence has been seen in a viral video, playing a tune on his flute in a state forest as raccoons emerge from the woods, cross a dirt path and form a semi-circle around him.

The animals evidently cannot get enough of his music.  

Video of his performances has now become an internet sensation. 

Lawrence says he plays a traditional Native American tune called "Raccoon Dance.”

“They didn't dance but they came around to see what was going on,” he told Inside Edition. 

He said he learned to play the Native American flute last month.

“The flute is a very mellow instrument and it seemed to have them reassured them that it was okay,” he said.