Raccoon Becomes Social Media Sensation as It Successfully Scales Minnesota Skyscraper

The creature even got its own Twitter account as it slowly made its way up the UBS Tower.

A daredevil raccoon became a social media phenomenon as she scaled a skyscraper in downtown St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday. 

One clever guy even created a Twitter account for the creature. "I made a big mistake," one post read.

Another named the raccoon Time's "Person of the Year" on Twitter after it became a trending topic.

The raccoon was first spotted making her way up the 25-story UBS Tower at about 2:30 a.m.

Four hours, the raccoon just kept climbing as office workers posted photos and videos of the bold stunt.

At one point, the raccoon held on for dear life before finding her way back to a ledge.

Tensions were high around the world as many wondered what would happen to the raccoon. 

Not long after reaching the roof, the raccoon was lured into a cage with cat food and successfully trapped, bringing its captivating climb to an end.

Reporter Tim Nelson documented the epic adventure for Minnesota public radio, which is located across the street from the skyscraper.

"It was heart stopping to watch," he told Inside Edition. 

He said the raccoon is doing “really well.” A wildlife rehabilitation center was contacted and they said it was best to get the raccoon back into the wild as quickly as possible. The raccoon was released on private property. 

Raccoon expert Dave Quinn, who runs DQ Pest Control in Long Island, N.Y., talked about how the mammal could have scaled the building. 

"Raccoons are very good climbers," he told Inside Edition. "They have very good tactile sensation, they have very long claws, and they are very strong."