Suspected Florida Car Thief Taken Into Custody With Pet Monkey Clinging to Him

The suspect, Blake Hession, was given a moment to say goodbye to his monkey, who will now be sent to an animal sanctuary.

It was pure monkey business in Florida as cops nabbed a suspected car thief with a pet primate clinging to him.

Cops said the capuchin monkey, clad in baby's diapers at the time, would not let go of the suspect in Holiday, Fla., as he was taken into custody. The animal had to be separated from with the man by officers.

Even as suspect Cody Blake Hession, 23, was arrested, he seemed more concerned about his pet monkey, named Monk. 

Cops allowed Hession to have a moment to say goodbye to Monk before the beloved pet was taken to a local animal sanctuary.

Hession has been charged with grand theft auto. Since he did not have a permit for the animal, he is additionally charged with possession of wildlife without a permit and a violation of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations in regard to captive wildlife, the Miami Herald reported.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s office later posted about the arrest on their Facebook page.