Escaped Chicken Caught By Oregon Police Officer Peers From Backseat of Patrol Car

Patrol Officer Daniel Trummer appre-hen-ded the bird.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Patrol Officer Daniel Trummer of the Portland, Ore., police department had no idea, but it was up to him to get the chicken back where it belonged.

He told he was on patrol when he saw the chicken, named Eddie, flapping around the street.

"I stopped and tried to corral it but it kept getting away from me," Trummer said. "The chicken kept going into the street, which was very concerning. Cars were stopping, kind of going [around], trying to avoid the chicken.”

Trummer, who said he had no prior experience with farm animals, was struggling until an onlooker offered to help.

Eventually, the pair was able to get Eddie into the back of Trummer’s patrol car.

“Once we got it into the car finally, comfortable on my seat belt hanger, it was very friendly,” he said. “I was kind of afraid it would peck at my arms, but it did not do that.”

The Portland Police later posted pictures of the "arrest" to Twitter, including a snapshot of the chicken ominously peering through the plexiglass window that separates the back seat from the driver.

Through various social media comments, Trummer later determined Eddie lives in a nearby backyard chicken coop, and the officer was able to contact the owner to have them pick Eddie up from animal control.

“There’s a fence that the owner has that’s pretty low,” he said. “So I guess the chicken does escape quite frequently.”

Trummer said the bizarre arrest is all in a day’s work. 

"It is Portland," he joked. "I have seen people walk goats on leashes, believe it or not."