Cops Help Chickens Stuck on Road Get to the Other Side

A bunch of chickens blocked a California highway after falling off the back of a truck.

Why did the chickens cross the road? In the case of a bunch of California fowl, it was because they fell off the back of a truck.

Thankfully, some California Highway Patrolmen managed to help (most of) them get to the other side after nearly two dozen of the birds snarled traffic in the city of Norwalk Tuesday.

According to CHP Santa Fe Springs, a truck driver transporting the chickens was unaware that a cage of fell off the truck and so continued on the 605 Freeway without stopping.

Traffic "is a little heavy right now because of these little guys" CHP tweeted after patrolmen responded to the scene at about 6 a.m.

"Our count as of now looks like 17 chickens survived and were rescued, and two chickens unfortunately went to chicken heaven," CHP said. 

Through the grief, the CHP remained able to cut right to the most pressing issue: The chicken joke.

"This actual footage taken by motorcycle officer C. Lillie begs the question, 'Why DID the chickens cross the road?'" CHP asked in a tweet with video of the rescue. "Because they obviously did not want to become 'fast food' on an LA area freeway, of course!"