Officer Attends Graduation of Teen He Delivered on Side of Road 18 Years Ago

Officer Robert Hunt
Officer Robert Hunt

It was a great day, he said.

Eighteen years after a Maryland police officer delivered a baby on the side of the road, he attended that child's graduation.

Speaking to, Officer Robert Hunt recalled the events of Nov 13, 1999, when a frantic father flagged him down, saying his wife was in labor.

"I grabbed a pair of gloves and the baby started coming," Hunt said. "The cord was around his neck so I slipped it off and he came all the way out."

Hunt said he cleared the baby boy’s airways and wrapped him in a towel before handing him to his mother. Named Thomas Duboyce, the infant was a healthy baby boy.

Hunt said he visited the Duboyce family twice after Thomas’ birth and they kept in touch through Christmas cards. However, he had not seen Thomas since he was a baby.

Last month, a fellow officer texted Hunt, telling them he had seen a photo of Hunt in the Oakdale High School yearbook. In the photo, Hunt is holding then-1-month-old Thomas. The family had the photo printed in the yearbook.

Once Hunt, a 24-year veteran of the force, realized Thomas was graduating, he knew he wanted to be there and was able to buy a ticket.

He surprised Thomas and his mom, Melissa, at the graduation, and they all spent the day together. Sadly, Thomas' father passed away last year.

“It was very emotional,” Hunt said. “It was just a good day.”