Overprotective Raccoon Mama Sends Cops and Firefighters Running

The new mom even bit through the glove of a firefighter.

An overprotective raccoon mother sent Michigan cops running as they tried to remove her from a home.

“Oh, Jesus!” an off-camera officer could be heard yelling in a video shared by the Albion Department of Public Safety.

Firefighters and police officers were called to the family home when the mother raccoon and her five cubs fell through the ceiling and into the living room.

As they began prodding where the mother raccoon was hiding, it became clear she did not want to be disturbed.

She even fought back, biting through the glove of the firefighter on scene and drawing blood.

After following the protective mother around the living room, they were finally able to pull her out of a closet and into a trapper’s cage.

The five newborns, however, were more docile.

"Look how nice all these little babies are," an officer commented.

The family was relocated into the wilderness shortly after they were taken out of the home.