Woman Helps Raccoon Out of Dumpster on Garbage Truck Route: 'I Knew I Had to Hurry'

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A quick-thinking Florida woman saved a raccoon from certain death after the critter got stuck in a dumpster seconds before a garbage truck arrived to take the bin away.

Jennifer Glass, 45, was alerted to the crisis while tossing garbage in the dumpster behind her office in Viera earlier last month.

"Instead of just tossing it in, for some reason I opted to gently place it," she told Caters News. “I immediately saw him and of course was startled before I realized he wasn’t a threat and he was in trouble."

There wasn't enough trash in the dumpster for the frightened raccoon to make his way out, she said. So Glass decided to lend the critter a hand.

“I rushed in to grab a ladder for him to climb out with, but I could see the trash truck approaching the parking lot,” she said. “I knew I had to hurry.”

Glass gave the raccoon Skittles in an attempt to earn the animal’s trust and then scrambled to find something to help it out of the dumpster.

Glass also was also able to warn sanitation workers of the situation and they graciously allowed the animal time to get out. 

"I was so happy he managed to get out in time, it made me feel that I was put there at the right time to rescue him," Glass said.
She recorded the ordeal, which she was relieved to see happy an ending.

"Yeah, it worked!" she exclaims in the video. "Oh my gosh! I feel so good!"

Glass' boyfriend later presented her with a medal for her quick-thinking efforts.

"He surprised me with it the next day and played Olympic-themed music as he put it around my neck on a podium," she said. 


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