Daredevil Raccoon Released Into Wild After Scaling 25-Story Minnesota Skyscraper

MPR Raccoon, named for Minnesota Public Radio, conquered a building and the internet.

After shocking the world by climbing a 25-story Minnesota building, the so-called MPR Raccoon has a new home.

Named for the Minnesota Public Radio staff who first spotted her ascent on the UBS building in St. Paul, MPR Raccoon became a hero to the world the Wednesday over the course of the daylong climb.

After reaching the top of the building, and of newsfeeds everywhere, the raccoon was caught in a live trap by and picked up by Minnesota Wildlife Management Services.

In a touching scene caught on camera by officials, the newly minted star was released into more suitable surroundings and scampered away into a life of obscurity as quickly as her fame came.

Reporter Tim Nelson documented the epic adventure for Minnesota Public Radio, which is located across the street from the skyscraper.

"It was heart-stopping to watch," he told Inside Edition. 

Raccoon expert Dave Quinn, who runs DQ Pest Control in Long Island, N.Y., told Inside Edition that the feat isn't all that shocking to those who know raccoons.

"Raccoons are very good climbers," he said. "They have very good tactile sensation, they have very long claws, and they are very strong."