Couple Who Spent Life Savings to Sail Around the World Vows to Continue After Boat Sinks 2 Days Into Trip

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh could only watch helplessly as all their possessions went underwater.

A Colorado couple experienced the horror of watching all their possessions sink into the ocean after their boat began to fill with water. 

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh used their life savings to buy a 28-foot sailboat last year with the goal of sailing around the world.  

But disaster struck last week, just two days after leaving a marina outside Tampa to begin their voyage. The couple's boat hit an unknown object and the vessel began filling with water. 

They grabbed their beloved pet pug, Remy, and anything else they could carry.

“It was insane,” Walsh told Inside Edition. 

Luckily, rescuers plucked them from the sinking boat and brought them back to land.  

The couple insists that their dreams didn't sink with the boat and they are dedicated to continuing their adventure. 

The Coast Guard is tasking the couple with raising the sunken boat, which will cost about $10,000.

Through a Gofundme account, they're hoping to raise money for that, as well as a new boat to try that around the world trip again.