Creators of ‘Bridgerton’ TikTok Musical Say Something ‘Exciting’ in the Works

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Emily Bear, 19, and Abigail Barlow, 22, turned into musical TikTokers overnight after they joined forces to create a musical based on the widely watched Netflix series, "Bridgerton." The pair are committed to bring the project to life.

Bear and Barlow decided to livestream their creative process as a way to give their viewers a front-row, behind-the-scenes look at how they are creating the musical series.

Barlow, a pop singer, collaborated with Bear, a music composer by training. Barlow graduated high school early and moved to Los Angeles to become a recording artist and Bear has been writing music since the age of 2 and scoring films since she was 9.

"I think we were just really lucky to have found our passions really early in life, and had a really supportive family on both ends to sort of foster those passions," Barlow told Inside Edition Digital.

"We wanted to just open the curtain a little bit, and invite people in on the process. And I feel like people find it interesting because no one's seen it before," Bear told inside Edition Digital. "And if we can make musical theater more accessible to a mainstream audience, and introduce a whole new audience of people to musical theater... Job done." 

Their advice to aspiring creators is to "use social media to your advantage," Barlow said. "A platform like TikTok is so incredibly conducive to building an audience for people who are creative."

"It's life-changing," Bear chimed in.

The creators are focusing on finishing their project so it can be released in "some way, shape, or form."