Crikey! Animated Series 'Peppa Pig' Has American Kids Speaking With British Accents

England's "Peppa Pig" has become a favorite binge-watch animated show for US children.

Has your toddler started calling you "mummy" and are they saying toe-mah-toe instead of toe-may-toe?

Welcome to the "Peppa Pig" Effect, in which perfectly Americanized children have adopted British accents from binge-watching the popular animated series from England whilst being locked down during the COVID pandemic.

Lauren Ouellette of Rhode Island said she was gobsmacked when her daughter, Aurelia, started calling her "mummy" and referring to the bathroom as the "WC." 

Other parents across the country have taken to social media, saying their kids were telling their friends they were going on "holiday" instead of vacation. One little girl asked her mother if she was getting new glasses. Except she said, "Mummy, are you going to the optician?"

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