Crocodile Catches Rays as It Enjoys Having Beach All to Itself

Authorities safely removed it from the sand.

Life was a beach for one Florida crocodile as it was spotted in the sand all by itself Monday morning in the city of Hollywood. 

Spectators kept their distance as the 6-foot-long beast had the sun and sand all to itself. 

The croc was in the wet part of the sand and enjoyed getting splashed with the waves as they crashed down on its body. 

The crocodile looked like a fish out of water before authorities arrived to safely remove it and prevent anyone from getting too close. 

When authorities arrived, they tied the reptile's mouth shut with tape and placed it in a truck, safely removing it from the public beach. Revelers cheered as the crocodile was driven away.

The American crocodile typically resides in coastal areas throughout the Caribbean with the northern end of their range in South Florida.

The American variety is listed as an endangered species by the U.S. and the State of Florida.