Cruise Ship Passengers Stage Mutiny After They're Bombarded by Construction Noise

The passengers claimed they were unaware the ship would be undergoing renovations during the 15-day voyage.

Cruise ship passengers who shelled out big bucks for a dream vacation are outraged as the boat was under construction during the trip. 

The passengers aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel were subjected to workers sanding the deck, power saws, welding and drilling in the middle of the day during what was supposed to be a relaxing time.

Passengers were so fed up that they demanded to see the captain, but the request didn’t go so well after he told them not to raise their voices at him.

"We are doing the best we can," he told frustrated passengers. 

After just three minutes, the captain is seen storming off to a chorus of jeers.

The cruise from hell happened on the Norwegian Sun, during a recent 15-day voyage that began in Miami, went through the Panama Canal and came to an end in Los Angeles.

Passengers say they only found out after they set sail that the ship was undergoing renovations. Signs on board tried to spin it as a good thing, saying, "A New Sun on the Horizon. Beautification In Process. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience."

Dan Lang shot video of the passenger revolt. He and his wife were celebrating their 30th anniversary on the ship.

"There was, like, close to 500 people up there standing shoulder to shoulder,” he told Inside Edition. “Some [passengers] were pretty angry the entire time."

Casey Bennem says she paid $9,000 for three tickets. She claims the construction resulted in a foul smell.  

“It was a very noxious, chemical smell,” she told Inside Edition. “It was awful and it was everywhere — it was inside, it was outside, it didn't matter where you were.” 

She added: "It was construction zone." 

Norwegian said in a statement that the safety and satisfaction of their guests is their utmost importance, but they admit this cruise did not meet the expectations of their guests. They apologized and also offered a free trip to all 2,000 passengers.