From Crushed Garlic to Apple Cider Vinegar, the Best Remedies to Fight the Flu

We are currently in peak flu season.

With the flu season in full force and little hope of relief, there are home remedies that can possibly help you. 

The symptoms of the nefarious affliction are fever, body aches and sore throat, as well as irritated eyes and pain in your muscles. 

Dr. Jake Deutsch tells Inside Edition that seeing your doctor is important, but there are also home remedies that can ease your discomfort.

Some people swear by oil of oregano to fight sore throats.

“It has shown to have some antiviral properties, it is very soothing for the throat in concentrated drops, and it is available in most health food stores,” Dr. Deutsch said. 

Then there's apple cider vinegar

“Taking a tea spoon in the morning oftentimes is really good to treat that sore throat,” he added.   

The doctor says that swallowing crushed garlic can help battle the virus in your system.

But perhaps the most tried and true method is simply tea with honey or with lemon.