Customer Surprises McDonald's Employee With Free Car

The pair had gotten to know one another in the drive-thru.

A McDonald’s worker got the shock of her life when she realized a regular customer had bought a car for her.

Chris Ellis said Vicky Anderson, who works at the fast food chain in South Hutchinson, Kansas, was always kind to him when he rolled through the drive-thru. 

“We developed a relationship and I would drive through almost every weekend,” Ellis told

So when Anderson told Ellis her car had broken down and that she needed it to get to work, he kept thinking about what he could do for her. 

“I knew my son had just got a new vehicle and he was selling his so I called him after I talked to Vicky,” Ellis said. “I told him the story about Vicky and I said ‘Let’s go help her out.’”

Ellis called her manager to make sure she’d be there on Jan. 9.

They changed the tires and got an oil change on the 2009 Pontiac and then surprised Anderson at the McDonald’s.

In a moment captured on camera, Anderson could not believe what Ellis had done. She was overwhelmed with the gift. 

“I was hyperventilating when I sat in the car,” Anderson said. “It was awesome.”

Ellis hadn’t been sure what to expect of Anderson’s reaction, but he said it was “priceless.”

“It was perfect in my books,” he added. 

He also noted the pair now text nearly every day and said they will be friends for life. 

“She just seemed like the type of person who needed a break,” Ellis said.