Harlem Globetrotter With Deaf Parents Surprises Hard of Hearing Students With Sign Language

Members of the basketball team visited the Long Island school to speak about bullying.

Deaf and hard of hearing students in New York were happily surprised when Harlem Globetrotter Chris “Animal” Hyche showcased his sign language skills at their school. 

Hyche, who grew up in a home with deaf parents, visited the Long Island school earlier this week with his two teammates to talk about bullying and what kids can do if they experience it. 

Although there was an interpreter present, Hyche was able to connect with the kids one on one through his skills.

“The reaction was priceless,” said Hyche in a video interview. “It’s not every day they can get people they can relate to – especially professional athletes. I know it made their day and it made mine, too.”

Students at the school described their shock when Hythe started speaking to them in sign language. 

“I couldn’t believe it!” Jonathan Velasquez, 13, told Newsday. It was “pretty cool.”

The basketball team’s visit was part of the National Campaign to Stop Violence.