Cute Baby Dik-Dik Makes Its Debut at Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A baby dik-dik has been introduced to the public at a wildlife park in Yorkshire. The newborn dik-dik, which is a kind of tiny antelope, has been dubbed Mr. Pistachio.

He was welcomed at the park on Aug. 26 after a family of dik-diks was brought to the park earlier this year. Mr. Pistachio’s parents, Davos and Crissy, also have another baby dik-dik who was born seven months ago named Mr. Cashew.

The family came to the park as part of a global conservation project. The animals usually only grow to about 16 inches and hail from eastern Africa.

A spokesperson with the park described Mr. Pistachio as “so cute” and that people and animals “stop in their tracks” to look at him.

“He is the latest addition to the family, and everyone is very proud that they are thriving so well here,”  Ayshea Seaton said.


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