Dad Dies 2 Weeks After He Got to Walk Daughter Down the Aisle in Hospital Wedding

Vieneese Stanton
Vieneese Stanton

A California cancer patient, who got the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle in the hospital while in hospice care last month, has died.

Vieneese Stanton, 27, knew her dad was dying and wanted to include him on her special day so she set up a mock wedding at the hospital. He was able to walk her down the aisle on Nov. 16.

Her dad, 64-year-old Preston Roland, passed away Monday.

“I’ve gained an Angel but I’ve lost my Superman,” Stanton told in a message Tuesday.

Stanton said caring for her dad the last couple of months has completely changed her and taught her loyalty. She said she will cherish the memory of him on her wedding day forever.

On the day of the event, Stanton surprised her dad at UCSF medical center in San Francisco, and had him walk her down the hospital hallway in her wedding dress toward her groom, Douglas Stanton.

They were also able to have a toast, say a prayer, a sing a song.

Stanton went on to wed her now-husband at city hall later that day.

“It was something I never thought would happen because the more I talked to his doctors, the worse the reports got,” Stanton said. “It was lovely.”


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