Dad Helps Toddler Figure Out How to Hula Hoop

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She can DJ, she can dance. But when it comes to the hula hoop, little Aubrey Turnipseed just hasn’t quite grasped it.


Adorable video shows the 2-year-old wiggling around trying to figure it out, as dad Maurice spins the hula hoop around her, giving Aubrey the illusion she’s doing it correctly.

"We were at the zoo Sunday and they have like a little DJ booth set up and hula hoops on the ground for the kids,” mom Maya told

She added: “And she saw some older kids hula hooping. And she wanted to hula hoop and I had my back turned answering text messages and stuff and when I turned around and saw them two, he was pulling the hula hoop around her.”

Maya said she only shot it to show to family that doesn't live near them in Tampa, Florida.

Maurice said he got involved just to keep the baby from fussing.

"I knew she was gonna want to go over there and try it out. So, she picked it up, so I just looked at it and started spinning it around her. Then she just started shaking like she was doing it herself. I just made sure I caught her before she did get frustrated," Maurice said.

Aubrey's parents jokes that she is always up to antics like this.

"She's the youngest of five so she has older siblings that are adults and teenagers and she picks up like that. Like, if she sees you do something once, she wants to do it. She loves music so she's always dancing. jumping on the couch, whatever."

The Turnipseeds said they think this will lead to either dance or gymnastic lessons for their daughter in the near future.


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