Dad Says He's 'Deeply Ashamed' of Role in College Admissions Scandal

Attorney Gordon Caplan apologized publicly and pleaded guilty to paying $75,000 to help his daughter cheat on the ACT.

A disgraced dad is hanging his head in shame, speaking out about the college admissions scandal that shocked the country. 

Gordon Caplan, a high-powered New York attorney, is the first parent caught up in the college admissions scandal to speak publicly. 

“I'm deeply ashamed and terribly sorry,” he told reporters outside Boston federal court Tuesday.

He had pleaded guilty to paying $75,000 so his daughter could cheat on the ACT. 

"I'm really sorry to my daughter, who I love more than anything in the world, knew nothing about this," Caplan said. "I'm also sorry to all the other kids out there who are in the admissions process."

Caplan's daughter flew to Los Angeles to take the exam at the notorious West Hollywood test center, the same place Felicity Huffman's daughter took her SAT.

Both girls' tests were corrected by a crooked proctor and both got "100% extra time" by claiming they had a "learning difference."

It was all part of alleged mastermind William Singer's grand scheme.

“We need to get your daughter tested for a learning difference,” he told Caplan. “I need that person to get her 100% extended time.”

Caplan has been fired from his law firm and faces eight to 14 months in prison for his part in the scam, as well as a fine.