Dancers Flock to Disco Made Famous in 'Saturday Night Fever' as Film Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The dance club in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn is now a Chinese restaurant.

It’s an iconic movie moment as a 23-year-old John Travolta strut down the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever.

Now, the scene and that film it sets up have turned 40. 

Super fans boogied the night away at the very location where those dance scenes were shot: The 2001 Odyssey Disco. 

For one night only, the venue, which is now a Chinese restaurant, returned to its vintage look from the iconic film. 

Among the more than 300 attendees was Karen Lynn Gorney, who starred opposite Travolta as his love interest in the movie. 

“I liked being lifted up and spun," the 72-year-old actress said. "That was fun."

The original DJ at 2001, Ralphie Dee, even turned up to spin at the event and free pizza from Lenny’s, from which Travolta ate slices while sauntering around the neighborhood, was served. 

The Bay Ridge house where Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, lived is now for sale, and going for $2.5 million. 

The house has had a complete facelift over the 40 years since the film hit theaters. 

Inside, you can still see where those memorable scenes were shot, like Manero’s bedroom and the kitchen table where the Italian-American family would sit around, ridicule and slap each other in the back of the head.