Deaf and Visually Impaired Dog Rescued From Drainage Pipe

The St. Johns County Fire Rescue saved a deaf and visually impaired pup from a drainage pipe.
St. John's County Fire Rescue

First responders spent nearly 2 hours in an effort to rescue the trapped dog, who was ultimately freed without injury.

It took a group of fire responders nearly two hours to rescue a deaf and visually impaired dog that was trapped inside of a drainage pipe.

The pup went missing from his home and was later found tucked deep in the center of the drainage pipe Saturday morning, the St. Johns County Fire Rescue posted on Facebook.

The dog was reportedly "scared and tired" when rescue crews found him, but he luckily had no injuries.

The pup was "happy to be reunited with his family," the fire department wrote.

The department has reportedly had its hands full this week after rescuing a group of ducks over the weekend from a storm drain, People Magazine reported.