Dentist Becomes Internet Sensation With His Own 'Shiggy Challenge'

South Carolina dentist Dr. Rich Constantine of Constantine Dental, posted his own version of the viral dance craze.

You’ve seen "In My Feelings" — now get ready for "In My Fillings."

Dr. Rich Constantine of Constantine Dental in Greenville, South Carolina, posted his own version of the “Shiggy Challenge," a viral dance craze to a song by rapper Drake.

Almost immediately, hundreds of thousands of people are remembering to get their teeth checked.

One woman commented: "I have 12 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled, and I think my baby teeth trying to come back, and I swear my k 9s have become L 2's ( whatever that might mean) I just need an [appointment] immediately, yesterday, right now!”

“I found myself looking for his wedding ring, then I remembered that I’m married,” another woman wrote.

After more than 44 million watched the video, Dr. Constantine himself replied.

“Until the other day, I was just known for some wedding dancing and some dance battles with my wife Trish at home in the living room,” he said in a video posted to the practice’s Facebook page. “This is all to make people realize that going to the dentist can be fun and that we’re just here to make you smile.”