Deputies Reunite With Baby They Rushed to the Hospital

Nine-month-old Steven Hanna has recovered after he stopped breathing last month.

Just weeks after an unresponsive baby was rushed to the ER by a California sheriffs’ deputy, the 9-month-old is alive and healthy — and back in the arms of the caring officers who saved him.

Deputies Tyler Milton and Alissa Farrington of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were reunited with little Steven Hanna and his family earlier this week.

"I want to thank all of the ... officers who helped me save my life — my son’s life — and for keeping him ... alive," his father Yasser Hanna told reporters Monday.

He and his wife, Reda Felamon, who only moved to the United States from Egypt a year and a half ago, were pulled over last month for driving erratically.

Milton said he had originally thought the driver was intoxicated or had stolen the vehicle when he finally caught up to the family.

But inside, he saw crying parents and a baby who wasn’t breathing.

“Deputy Milton sprung into action, grabbed the 9-month-old and summoned help from other vehicles,” his captain, Richard Harpham, told KCBS. “Certainly, when you have a 9-month-old not breathing, everyone jumps into action.”

Milton began administering CPR and radioed to other nearby officers.

“As soon as I heard Milton on the radio, I heard the urgency in his voice, so I knew it was serious,” Deputy Farrington said. “When I pulled up, I saw him in the middle of the street starting CPR on a baby, and I don’t even think either of us thought – we just knew we needed to leave as soon as possible. We jumped in the car, we got on the radio and we started going. There wasn’t any hesitation.”

Milton was later captured on camera in an emotional dash to the emergency room, with Steven in his arms. Steven had eventually started breathing on his own after several minutes of CPR before arriving to the emergency room.

"It’s pretty amazing," Deputy Milton said. "I don’t know how long he hadn’t been breathing for, if he would make it or not and just glad to see he’s here and healthy."